Fraser Valley Aquatic Rehabilitation will provide you with progressive one-on-one warm water therapy in our 94° private pool.

About Us

Our promise is to assist you, or someone you know, in gaining an increase in strength and mobility.  We believe that anyone can safely improve their health and well being while participating in our one on one Practitioner/Client program of aquatic exercise and warm water stretching within our 94° private pool. Whether you suffer from pain and/or weakness due to a minor or major injury, neurological injury or disorder, postural dysfunction or post surgical pain, we ensure you will receive the best care possible while taking part in our warm water rehabilitation program.


Do you wonder why your body rejects the cold water of a public pool?  Colder water causes muscles to seize and become rigid, sometimes causing additional pain. To regain control of injured, weak, or even spastic muscles, you need warmer water. Due to varying conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury, even minor injuries, post surgical pain, misalignment and/or stress, we experience sore, restricted muscles. Our 94° water releases these restrictions naturally as our caring staff safely assist you through personally designed exercises, often following with an aquatic stretch or massage therapy such as Watsu®, Aquatic Integration™, or FVAR's Aquassage™.

Our Program

Our Aquatic Therapists are educated in various backgrounds such as Kinesiology, Aquatic & Land Rehabilitation, Watsu®, Aquatic Integration™, Aquassage™, Personal Training and Water Safety. Our compassionate staff are experienced, professional, and fun to work with. A number of our staff have over 20 years experience with those who have suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury due to a motor vehicle accident or work-related injury, or those who live with conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Scoliosis and more. Our facility features a 94° private pool equipped with a manual lift for entry from any wheelchair, including a wheelchair accessible washroom, shower and change area.

We are proud to share that our proficient program has improved the lives of many since 1995.


"Multifaceted, holistic approach to well-being in a very personable, relaxed yet progressive setting. Thank you for your help, drive and support. You are making a humongous difference!" -- Mark Stockbrocks, Vancouver, BC

"Thank you Joyce and Holly, for helping me to get stronger all the time. You guys do a fantastic job!"-- Hailey Miller, Coquitlam, BC